3 Trending Payment Solutions for Businesses

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Hi, this is John from Facilero, the smart place for payments. Today we’re going to be talking about three trending payment solutions for businesses.

The first one is Biometric Verified Payments, which is two-factor authentication, a very secure method of payment that helps prevent fraud. How it works is that the cardholder needs to either do a face verification, or fingerprint verification, or an iris verification in order to process the payment. 

The next method is QR codes and we start seeing these lately everywhere in our everyday transactions. We see them online, we see them on television, and especially after the recent events, there has been an 11% increase in QR code usage in the U.S. alone. Also, according to Juniper Research, QR codes are going to be the most used payment mechanism in the next five years and in 2024 it’s estimated to comprise approximately 27% of all forms of payment. 

Number three are mobile wallets and applications. This has helped a lot after the recent events because it is a contactless form of payment. It is also very practical, as we can have it on our smartphones. You just select the card that you want to pay from, you can make bank to bank transfers, you can pay also for goods and services. Finally, if you’re not sure which form of payment is the best for your business, make sure to schedule a free consultation call with us.

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